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Ifeanyi Obiojogwu AKA BURNSTAR is a dynamic and excentric song writer singer and lyricist, his style can be traced to the west indie’s kind of jams, his love for dance hall and reggae music has given birth to a systematic fusion of an afro reggaeton mixed with pop and a flair of soul.

The Nigerian born has been in the kitchen of sound and rhythm for the past ten years putting tunes and harmony together to take his space in the music spotlight Influenced by top Jamaican reggae arts. likes Bob Marley, I Roy, Peter Tosh, Buju Banton, Shaba ranks and Bennie man.
Been touring the west coast with a couple of live bands entertaining fans across Nigeria Cameroun, Gabon, and the likes he loves to study and addicted to learning new things.
Music is the tool that truly keeps the mind alive ITS ABOUT TIME!!!

come explore, discover, and be inspired by the endless possibilities that await.

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