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Based in Sweden, Martin Zeidner is a seasoned producer, remixer, DJ and mastering engineer who began his musical journey in the late 80s. Inspired by the sparkling pop revolution of this time, Martin started to experiment with various of genres within electronic dance music during the 90s.

Soulful and jazzy deep house music became Martins signature after the Millennium shift by winning the biggest talent competition for producers in Sweden. His duo project Rhody & Kaydee became a worldwide success with singles like “Release the Beauty” and “Believe Me”.

2016 was a re-ignition in Martins career as he started to release music under his real name, focusing more on the synth-oriented side of EDM. With records on labels like Soluna, Progressive Dreams, Cloudland, FiXT and Progressive House Worldwide he has made his trademark as a producer who combines the best sounds from the past and the future.

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